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Cybersecurity IT: Consulting and Services


Very often, companies uses new hardware and software for quick and simple solutions to increase their cybersecurity. As the number of attacks and data loss continues to increase, this is always only a short-term response to solve the problem by purchasing new technology. ​


Comprehensive enterprise security management includes the governance, strategies, frameworks, plannings, and analysis which are needed to manage an effective and enterprise-wide security program (ISMS). We focus on working with you to develop appropriate governance and policies to implement them individually and to the extent of the company's purpose. ​


We have expanded this topic to our area of competence because a restructuring and or a digital strategy for implementation should never be carried out without comprehensive cybersecurity. Unfortunately, in our experience, it is still only the main initiator when a serious data breach or even a serious compromise of a company has actually happened. ​ ​ ​


Companies must act before others force them to do so. ​

As a rule, such incidents take enormous damage and associated with them generate very high follow-up costs. ​



​ INTAC's cybersecurity consulting includes the design, development and implementation of solutions and services to protect the company's information and infrastructure. We´re specialized in creating secure enterprise architectures. These provide you with strategies and opportunities to secure the applications, data and systems in your organization. We also complement your investments with appropriate technologies to create robust and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs. Our experts work with you to make your company's infrastructure and your networks with customers, business partners and suppliers more secure. ​ ​​ ​



Our Portfolio:

• Cybersecurity analysis vulnerabilities and recommendations for action

• Advice on information security and data protection (GDPR and BASIC IT protection)

• Implementation of adapted ISMS (information security management system) to the respective business area

• Restructuring and building secure infrastructures to meet the required cybersecurity

• Advice and implementation of governance, risk and compliance guidelines/requirements (GRC) ​

In addition, we offer an extensive portfolio of security investigations and testing:
Die Cybersecurity Beratung von INTAC umfassen die Gestaltung, Entwicklung und Implementierung von Lösungen und Dienstleistungen zum Schutz der Informationen und Infrastruktur des Unternehmens.

INTAC is specialized in the process, technical and compliance issues around the processing of personal/sensitive data in your systems (e.g. cloud application, app, backend, databases).

We work exclusively with selected, certified IT/forensic laboratories in Germany and Austria for technical reports and tests.

Our customers are in the upper middle sector as well as in the enterprise sector:


From regional energy suppliers to large energy companies.


Health insurance, associations,

E-Health Development, Clinics & Institutes,  Pharmaceutics


Automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers, automotive manufacturing industries


Cybersecurity IT

"Data is one of the most valuable resources that companies have, regardless of their industry. That is why cybersecurity of every companies is being consistently and very structuredly attacked  by criminals and compromised.
That's why cybersecurity is a top management responsibility"

Norbert Adonis Kutscher

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