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Information technology is an important function for all companies. Especially in the way of the increasing digital requirements. A well-planned and executed IT strategy can provide a critical competitive advantage, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiencies.

Many companies often do not have the know-how and knowledge to develop a comprehensive strategy, or they cannot successfully implement it.

"Create a competitive advantage with a robust and reliable IT environment to meet digital challenges."

Most of our clients have a full-time CIO, CTO or IT director, but we learn through our customers that one of the most valuable services we offer is our strategic IT consulting. The IT industry is evolving rapidly, and access to a team of experienced IT and business professionals can make the difference and be a useful resource for any business. The experience and clarity that INTAC brings through collaboration with a variety of Organisation helps companies make informed decisions.

Our priorities for efficient implementation

We identify key topics and goals for your IT realignment and further development and consolidate internal analyses, reports and strategy elaborations.

The following factors are examined:

• Identification of the company's core processes 

• IT service portfolio, quality and calculation

• Cost structures, service and outsourcing contracts

• Project and Portfolio Management IT operating models

We develop a robust, cross-divisional strategy for you, such as cloud approach, outsourcing, innovation and modernization strategy as well as project portfolio management. Work with you on a strategic change plan and create a roadmap with action plan.

We plan the strategy implementation and the corresponding work packages for you. Support you in the active implementation of the implementation at the technical level and will also be happy to take responsibility for implementation for you.

Strategic IT

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