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We are a company group, focused on information technology.


From strategic IT consulting over to digitization and consulting for sourcing IT and tender management IT,  we are the experts. One of our most important disciplines is cybersecurity around information security and IT security as well as data protection according to GDPR.

As a project manager or as an interim manager, we successfully implement these topics.

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Services and more...

Strategic IT 

Act strategically and in a planned manner, analyze the current usage of IT services and derive potential for digitization.

Cybersecurity IT

In order to use cybersecurity successfully, it is imperative to implement information security (including IT security and data protection as a combined strategy).


The decision of modern IT operating models are today more comprehensive than ever due to digitalization requirements. This make the ongoing effectiveness checks of IT security systems mandatory


"Don´t be the human which other expect from you,  just be the person you are."

Norbert Adonis Kutscher
Executive Director INTAC GmbH

Why us ?

Our holistic expertise based on our transformation expertise ensures our customer a successful change.

  • High implementation competence and sustainability through close interaction with our customers

  • Experiences with barriers and success factors in the management of complex projects

  • Credibility and high level of social skills across broad management and staff levels

  • Partnership and integrity with the customer throughout all phases of the project

  • Result orientation, innovation, independence and reliability are building blocks of our DNA

Von der Strategieberatung zur Digitalisierung über die Beratung zum Sourcing oder Tender Management sind wir die Experten. Einer unserer wichtigsten Disziplinen ist die Cybersecurity, umfassend der Informationssicherheit und IT- security sowie dem Datenschutz nach DSGVO.    Zusätzlich setzen wir als Projektmanager oder als Interim Manager auch diese Themen erfolgreich für unsere Partner um.  ​
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